Friday, July 6, 2012

Parties, peonies and pretty things!

At the end of June we celebrated my little girls first birthday. I had a vision and seeing as though i love girly pretty things (luckily i had a girl) from the moment she was born i knew i wanted to throw her a beautiful party.

I couldnt have done it without my amazing friend Alannah Raelene Jensen (she used to own the Cozy Cave in Banff) funnily enough her nickname is Lannie Rae and my name is Lana Rae and we BOTH love all things pretty and vintage! We went into the city one day earlier in the year and hit all the hotspots for cool vintagey inspiration. She also helped with the baking and decorating. Amazing lady.

Big thanksTessa Perkins of Tessa Perkins Photography captured the day beautifully, I asked Tessa to help out because not only do i love her beautiful work and personality, I knew this would be right up her alley!

Lastly Dez of Papercandee, wow what a lady for putting up with all of my enquiries, changes and order in general for all the pretty paper goods, love her business name! Paper Candee - fitting! she did an AMAZING JOB. I even needed something last minute and she got it to me the morning of the party. She is such a caring loving person and also shares the vision us crazy people involved in the party love!

All and all it was a beautiful party, I couldnt have been more happy with it and I cant wait for Ava to be older and appreciate the pictures :)


p.,s before i forget, the Bear and Bison Inn were SO amazing and accomodating to us for the event, check them out! The owner, Lonny,used to be the Sous Chef at the Fairmont Banff Springs. Our family and friends often stay there too when they come to visit as its right next door to us!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hello again!

It has been a ridiculously long time since my last blog, too little time & too many projects.

My life has been a blurry of busy for the past three months. Between house visitors to meet the new baby - actually one year old baby now and trips to the U.S, getting into the busy wedding season and planning/crafting/dreaming up a fabulous birthday party for the wee one (photos to come), I can now some what sit back a little and start to focus on my blog again!

If any of you have heard or have pinterest, its AMAZING - dont you agree?! I have started a board up just for Complexions Aritstry where you can go in and find some inspiration for hair/makeup ideas as well as some fantastic work by local vendors in the Bow Valley area, and just all things pretty that inspire me!

This is the link!!


Monday, March 5, 2012

How to stop shine


There’s nothing worse than looking in the mirror halfway through the day to realize your face has turned into an oil slick. A shiny, oily face can ruin an otherwise pulled-together look. Here’s how to fix it and say goodbye to your oily face..

Your goodbye oily face emergency kit:
Blotting papers
Loose powder
A fluffy, dense face powder brush
The fix:
1. Gently blot oily areas by pressing a blotting paper against your skin.
2. Dab your fluffy face powder brush into your loose powder a couple of times (make sure you do this gently to avoid powder overload).
3. Tap the base of your face powder brush handle against a counter to get rid of excess powder.
4. Working in light, broad sweeps, gently move your brush across your problem spots.
5. Tap the base of the brush on the counter again so you’re left with a very light amount of powder on the brush. Now sweep over your entire face to create an even, finished look.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Pretty in Pink

It’s nearly SPRING (sort of) !!! Time to experiment with some bright lips reminiciant of all of the pretty new colors that are about to emerge!Some helpful tipsare listed below that really can apply to any bright colored lippy you may be wanting to try.

Tips for wearing bright pink:
• Keep it simple! With such a bright lip color, you’ll want to make sure you go easy on the eye makeup, especially if you’re planning on wearing this as a casual, daytime look.
• Along the same lines, don’t overdo it with the blush. Too much pink on your face isn’t going to be a good look for anyone!
• Get your undertones right. When choosing a lipstick, you’ll want to select one with blue undertones if you have cooler skin, and if you have warm undertones, then you’re better suited for something more orange or red-based.
• Test it out before you buy. It’s always a good idea to actually try lipsticks before you buy them, since buying them blind is a bit of a gamble – you can never be 100% sure the color will suit you. So head to Sephora or a makeup counter and get testing.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bridal Makeup & why you need a pro for the big day

The most rewarding aspect of what I do is empowering women to feel confident and beautiful
I love being a makeup artist.  Simply for that reason, I love seeing women transformed, radiating confidence and feeling empowered after a makeover.
A picture is worth a thousand words, and it is my duty as a makeup artist to make sure those words include beautiful, radiant, stunning. I must say though that my favorite type of work being a makeup artist is definitely bridal makeup. I have the privilege to work with these women on their most special, important day. I get to help them look and feel their most beautiful. I love working with women who want to find out and express who they are by utilizing makeup – especially on the big day, most women don’t treat themselves to such a luxury on a regular basis.
 I’m currently booking up very fast for the upcoming wedding season, and I always love to ask my brides  what kind of look are imagining in their head. I have found that a lot of these women do not wear a lot of makeup, and request a natural look for their big day. I like to tell them, “well lets go a little darker in certain spots to really bring out those eyes and make them pop. That’s what my focus usually is, drawing out the brides eyes. And let’s not forget about the bridesmaids and mothers too, because everyone is going to be a part of those photos and you want everyone to be complimenting together. So when it comes down to it, it’s all about expressing who they are, but also letting them be naturally themselves on their wedding day.
So while this is definitely achievable and my ultimate goal, you do need to keep some things in mind when it comes to bridal makeup.
1.     PHOTOS PHOTOS PHOTOS…..Honestly, your wedding day is the one day when you will probably be the most photographed in your whole life. You will have your photography done by your hired photographer, but not only that all of your family and friends will have their own cameras too. And these days, with social media, everyone and his dog is a photographer! A picture lasts forever so you need to ensure that your makeup needs to be absolutely flawless, from every single angle.

2.     FLASH…. The makeup needs to photograph perfectly, trust me, the flash is not your friend. As a MUA it is my job (and what I went to school for) to ensure that it does photograph perfectly. I have to continuously keep the camera flash in my mind, and when doing makeup think how it this going to affect the picture. For starters, the camera can totally wash you out and make you look as though you are not wearing anything at all. Powder is crucial as any kind of shine or glimmer the camera lense will read as oily or greasy, or even worse a big reflecting dot on your face. Things like really glossy lipgloss, glitter, shimmer, mineral makeup…anything with the ingredient MICA or high in the ingredient MICA will cause this to happen (you would be surprised how many products have MICA in them). Cameras also exaggerate pink and red tones, so using a yellow/green based foundation or airbrush solution helps to counteract that problem. This is just a few examples of how the camera picks up your makeup. What you see in the mirror, is different to what the professional photos will look like to some degree. You are probably investing a lot into those professional photos to, so you want to make sure everything is impeccable.

3.     STAYING POWER…..I tend to use a lot of product, I know that when a bride is sitting in my chair it may seem like im “packing it on” (if she isn’t looking in the mirror to see whats going on) but these products are necessary and well chosen for each person and their different skin type and condition. Everything has a function and purpose, I don’t just apply these products for the fun of it. For example: No brides sits in my chair without a good cleanse, tone, moisturize, under eye crème and primer. Primer is crucial, its like the glue the holds everything done. It also prevents your natural oils from breaking down the makeup and gives a nice silky canvas to work with. Eye primer is also another top on the list must have for my bridal makeup application as it also helps the color stick for longer, and also shows the true color of the shadow. Everything is set with powder, to increase longevity and ensuring photographs are flawless. Again just a few examples, but rest assured, as much as it seems like I am applying a lot, it will never appear that way – that’s my job!

You need to look fresh, radiant, classic and flawless. I want the bride to feel beautiful in her own skin and be able to walk down the aisle and have her husband to be recognise her – that’s the ultimate goal! You want to look like YOU at your very best, for one of the most important days in your life.

Just for fun, here are some of my favourite makeup looks:

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Spring 2012 Runway Trends

When clothing/ hair/ makeup on the runway attracts attention,  those in attendance at the show dash to own a complete outfit, or start wearing their hair or makeup a particular way. The popularity of this "look" prompts media attention, which in turn makes people throughout society aware of the trend. If the popularity is maintained throughout all social classes in society, a trend emerges.

So i wonder if any of these Spring runway makeup looks will catch on? I think alot of them are already pretty popular - dark smokey, red lip & cat eye, bronzed, big bold eyebrows, Long long lashes.






D & G



Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Hands up if you're guilty of the odd broken new year's resolution or two (or 20!), that would be me. We all start the year with the best intentions, but somewhere around mid-January things start to go wrong. Diets are broken and exercise plans go out the window as we all get back to reality after the holidays.

Get rid of that same old boring resolution to lose weight or save money, and instead pledge to take better care of your body, just as it is. Let’s make a promise to treat our skin and hair properly this year and not take for granted that it’ll still look the same in a decade. Pick your favorites from this list and join me in my beauty resolutions quest in 2012.

Skin Care Resolutions
To take better care of my skin, I’ll do everything I can to stick to these skin care practices…
  • Always wear sunscreen. UV damage can happen in just minutes of exposure to sunlight, which leads to wrinkles, leathery skin, sunspots, and yes… cancer. No thank you!
  • Wash off my makeup at night. In 2012 I swear I’m going to wash my makeup off before I go to bed. Don’t be lazy; your skin needs to be able to breathe at night, ladies.
  • Buy natural products. I want to really look at the labels of the products I’m using and, where possible, switch to more natural alternatives. In the long run, the fewer chemicals I’m exposed to, the better. Right? Makes sense to me.
  • Clean Makeup Brushes. Months-old foundation, blush or eye shadow on your make-up brushes could be harbouring harmful bacteria, so experts advise washing your brushes AT LEAST once a month.
    "The bacteria can live on unwashed brushes for months and each time you apply your make-up you run the risk of them transferring to your skin and causing problems such as skin irritation or infection," says make-up artist Allie Clark.
    Rinse your brushes in warm water with facial cleanser. Work it through the bristles with your fingers. Pat dry with a towel.
  • Remove your makeup. We've all experienced a late night when you just can't be bothered standing in front of the bathroom mirror to remove your make-up. But sleeping in your foundation can clog your pores, leading to problems including acne, dryness and red, inflamed skin.

    Hair Care Resolutions
My hair needs some improvements for sure, especially since I spent most of my mommy work days with it clipped or tied back. This year, I want to take better care of it (and my scalp) so I can feel confidence letting my hair down, so to speak. Here’s what I resolve for 2012:
  • Swear off the dye jobs. My natural hair color is just fine, thanks, and I don’t want to be exposed to all those chemicals anymore.
  • Get regular trims. Hair grows faster and thicker with regular trimming appointments. It’s tough to squeeze these into my schedule, and to remember when it’s been 6-8 weeks since the last trim, but I will make a real effort on this one.
Health & Wellness Resolutions
They say our outward appearances are a direct result of our inward health. So, I will make these commitments to helping my insides stay healthy in 2012:
  • Floss every day. Because cavities, gingivitis, and yellow teeth are not so pretty.
  • Manage stress. It’s true… stress causes hives, breakouts, and even premature wrinkles if not managed properly. I might try some yoga this year and maybe add some breathing exercises and meditation when I can’t hit the mat. Or maybe I’ll just get pedicures every month to kill two birds with one stone… stress relief and good foot care!
  • Eat my vitamins. Taking a multivitamin is good, but nothing beats going to the source for your nutrition. I promise to keep eating those whole grains, fruits, and veggies to keep me healthy.
  • Exercise regularly. I know I said no weight loss resolutions, and this isn’t one. Exercise, just 30 minutes three times a week, helps to keep your skin youthful and full of elasticity. Plus, you’ll work those toxins out of your system and prevent clogged pores.
  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water. This one’s tough, but the most important of all. A well-hydrated body takes good care of itself and all the systems run properly, including your hair and skin.
Pick any one (or all) of these beauty resolutions as your New Year's Resolution in 2012. Small changes can make a big difference, so any commitment you can make to taking good care of yourself will definitely pay off.

Happy New Year again Everyone :) !